Things just go from bad to worse for the Conservative party. The latest YouGov polling for The Times has Reform ahead for the first time among voters under 55, on 19 per cent while the Tories are on 18 per cent of the vote. 

Labour is still strolling it on 37 per cent and while it is just one poll, it is the latest evidence pointing to a major election defeat for Rishi Sunak and his party. 

When considered with all other polling, the renowned political scientist and professor at Strathclyde University John Curtice said Reform is still “four or five points behind [the Tories].”

Curtice added: “One has to say however one looks at it [Reform] may be four or five points behind [instead of ahead of the Tories] but this is still bad news for the Conservatives. The only way Rishi Sunak could get to base camp was to squeeze the Reform vote. Things are going backwards not least because of Nigel Farage’s decision to fight this campaign.”

Trouble is brewing and the Tories are keeping up their doctor’s orders: a scandal a day keeps the voters away. 

Yesterday it was the Tory candidate Craig Williams putting a bet on a July election three days before it was announced. Today it is the Welsh Tory Senedd member Laura Anne Jones being investigated for falsely overstating her expenses claims. 

WhatsApp messages show Jones telling a staff member: “When doing petrol thing – always make more than I did – add in stuff please ok”. On another occasion, she also texted: “If you could always do more than it says, that’d be fab, thanks”. 

Allegedly stealing from the taxpayers who pay her wages, that’s just fab. Thanks.

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