A run-down community centre in Merthyr Tydfil temporarily found itself consecrated for a higher purpose today as the site of Reform UK’s manifesto launch.

Proudly holding out his party document, Farage greeted his audience by gleefully channelling his inner Eminem yet again: “Guess who’s back, back again”.

The location, a Welsh Labour heartland that voted for Brexit in 2016, was no doubt carefully chosen. Worlds away from the delirious (or, perhaps in the case of the Tories, delusional) excitement of Silverstone or the staid sobriety of Manchester’s Co-operative HQ chosen by Starmer, Reform consciously made its pitch in – and to – the camp of the downtrodden, the left behind, the neglected and ignored – a grim warning to the electorate of “exactly what happens to a country when Labour is in charge” and faced with “a feeble Conservative opposition”.