Viewing US politics through the prism of UK media is like trying to imagine a dinosaur on the evidence of a toe. Even if you get the skeleton correct, you’ll be missing all the flesh and muscle that’s critical to understanding just why the creature was doomed for the tar pit.As a headline “Trump faces impeachment” does little to explain the political reality of this week – his supposed fixation on putting “snakes or alligators” in a border trench to deter migrants, his use of the word “bullshit” in a tweet, his strange urge to touch the Finnish President’s knee, or his uncharacteristic prurience around the word “jockstrap” when insulting congressman Adam Schiff. It does nothing to convey how totally unhinged the President appears at the moment and just why, to those of us who have been watching this drama long enough to question our own sanity, a very different season appears to have settled over Washington.