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Revealed: the secret Brexit amendments that have been suppressed by Bercow

BY Iain Martin | tweet iainmartin1   /  25 January 2019

Brexit can be confusing. There is so much going on, yet so little too. Which bits matter? Who is Dr Phillip Lee? What is a Barry Gardiner? Is a Barry Gardiner anything to do with Boris Gardiner, the 1980s singer who had a number one hit with “I want to wake up you.”? What on earth is that tall and excessively Brexity MP with the Polish name up to? Why did Amber Rudd rejoin the cabinet so recently if she now wants to resign from the cabinet? What is a humble address? It can’t be anything to do with Diane Abbott if it has the word humble in it.

The remainer writer Ian Dunt captured the sense of fatigue and hysteria among the political and media class when on Twitter today he noted that by every Friday in the Brexit crisis it is hard to remember what happened on Monday.

In the chaos a lot is being overlooked. I have been handed a string of secret amendments that will not be discussed or voted on when the Commons decides on Tuesday what not to do next.


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