Each week Reaction Weekend brings you Favourite Things – interviews with interesting people about the skills, hobbies, pleasures and past times that make them who they are.

Ricardo Chavira is an actor best known for playing Carlos in the long running NBC series Desperate Housewives. He is a US prime-time TV regular on shows including Scandal, Welcome to the Family and Six Feet Under. He has also starred in Motherf*ker with the Hat at the National Theatre and Jesus Hopped the A Train on stage in New York.  Chavira is currently starring in the hit series Selena: The Series, which is streaming on Netflix now.

These are a few of his favourite things…


I love to grill, and I especially enjoy doing it for other people. Slow cooking or smoking meat is particularly gratifying . From choosing spices to finding the right pieces of wood and coal, I find every step of the process enjoyable. Preparing to grill is as important as the actual act of grilling. And let’s not forget the fire. In the early morning hours, creating a fire that will produce just the right amount of heat, and then maintaining it over the course of an entire afternoon takes practice. I think it appeals to the hunter-gatherer in me.

Red Wing work boots

I’ve been wearing a pair of Red Wing work boots since I was 15 years old. Having worked many outdoor jobs and restaurant jobs even into my thirties, I’ve learned it’s good to have sure footing and proper protection for your feet. Once broken in, they almost feel like an extension of your foot. They’re a bit cumbersome, but there are many styles from which to choose. And they last: I believe I have a pair that are more than 20 years old.