Rishi Sunak fired off several grave warnings today that voters only “have 48 hours to stop a Starmer supermajority”, a danger which threatens to “make every single person in this country poorer”. 

Alongside his ominous tweets on X, Sunak also posted an extraordinary campaign video in which a Labour landslide forces the average Brit to endure power cuts, online schooling, and forgoe holidays due to record-breaking inflation and taxes. 

Five weeks after calling the surprise election, Sunak appears to have relinquished any hope of a Conservative victory and heeded Iain Martin’s advice to reposition the campaign as one against a Labour supermajority. Rishi’s time to face the music– which echoes ‘Things Can Only Get Better’ – has come as he embarks on a last minute bid to sway those on the right and centre who fear the prospect of Labour hegemony.