A Moscow news outlet owned by ultra-orthodox oligarch Konstantin Malofeev has written that the UK is preparing for starvation and that pundits are suggesting outbreaks of cannibalism are on the cards.  

The TsargardTV article – headlined “Cold, hunger, cannibalism: London fell into its own Ukrainian pit” – explained that British politicians are warning of mass starvation and that some British cities have declared a state of emergency. The article is accompanied by a picture of cavemen surrounded by Union Jack bunting. 

The piece argues that this chaos is the inevitable outcome of Britain’s support for Ukraine, claiming that since Russia and Belarus are the largest suppliers of food and fertiliser, the West’s economic penalties against the states are coming back to haunt it.

While there is no doubt the cost of living in Britain is rising at an alarming rate and is set to rise further, upon further inspection the argument that British journalists are warning of imminent cannibalism has a few holes in it.

The article’s only source on the matter is a Times column written by Jeremy Clarkson in which the now farmer and former Top Gear host jokes that “hunger makes people eat their neighbours”.