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Save Kim Darroch – our man in Washington must not be fired

BY Iain Martin | tweet iainmartin1   /  9 July 2019

This is not one of those pieces about what a fine chap Kim Darroch is. If I’ve ever met him, and like many journalists I’ve met a lot of officials down the years, I don’t recall an encounter with him. The general vibe from ministers and advisors who have worked with him in his various roles is that he is highly talented and capable. Some say he is prone to over confidence and arrogance. Perish the thought!

But who knows? MPs and advisors say all manner of rude, true, half-true and totally untrue things about each other and the senior people they encounter.

That is not the point. Darroch being a fine chap is irrelevant here. British national self-respect and honour means that the UK ambassador to Washington must not – repeat, not – be fired. Further, Darroch must be saved. Donald Trump must not be able to – in effect – whack the British ambassador to the US and get a new one prepared to fawn over him.


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