Andrew Neil was on fine form last night as he grilled Nicola Sturgeon on her lamentable domestic record. It’s about time the First Minister was put under sustained pressure to answer for her government’s record rather than being allowed to divert back to Scottish independence as if she led a single-issue party. Even on her favourite subject she has significant political vulnerabilities and she floundered when Neil pressed her on them.

When it comes to which currency Scotland will use and EU membership, there are so many unanswered and unanswerable questions. The BBC’s Neil pressed Sturgeon on what currency an independent Scotland would use – she replied the pound but without a monetary union, although she said that the rest of the UK might agree one. That’s going to be one very weak and unstable situation. She even said that this would be the case even if Brexit had been implemented. So according to the First Minister, Scotland would apply to join the EU while using a third country’s currency without a monetary union. This would not be acceptable to the EU.