The parents of Shamima Begum have been informed that their daughter has been deprived of British citizenship. Begum turned up in a refugee camp in Syria earlier this month. She left Bethnal Green aged 15 in February 2015 and married a Dutch-born ISIS fighter. Two of her children are reported to have died, and a third was born several days ago. She says she now wants to come back to the UK.

Home Secretary Sajid Javid has deemed her a security risk, and begun the legal process of making her no longer a British citizen.

Already, on social media, astonishment is being expressed at this move. How can a British citizen have their citizenship removed?

The answer is that ministers have plenty of scope to do this, and have been doing so quietly for some time. In 2017, 104 individuals linked to ISIS, Al Qaeda and other groups were deprived of their citizenship.