GB News has made “another great hire”, according to Andrew Neil. Simon McCoy announced he’s leaving the BBC for the industry newcomer. For 17 years, he brought the nation the news with a certain – well, whatever the opposite of joie de vivre is. 

Today marked the end of an era as he signed off the News at One for the last time: “From me, it’s good afternoon – and goodbye.”

After nearly two decades, there is a feast of real McCoy moments to gobble up – a flavour for every mood. The Hound has picked out a handful of Britain’s grouchiest presenter’s most iconic moments.

For added sentiment, the clips are best enjoyed accompanied by Il Divo’s rendition of Time to Say Goodbye at a low volume.  

To kick things off, there’s the time he introduced the second annual World Dog Surfing Championship with the enthusiasm of someone being told they’d just missed their train.

Receiving a notable mention is his quip during Boris Johnson’s Talk Radio interview in July 2019 in which he describes his exhilarating hobby of painting cardboard buses.

And, last but not least, the people’s favourite – when he presented the headlines clutching the Beeb’s answer to Apple’s iPad – a pad of printing paper.