A new immigration crisis, of an unprecedented kind, has come out of the blue and on this occasion its startled victims are the unreconstructed open-borders fanatics of the left. The problem is that, for the first time in post-War memory, the British public has been exposed to mass tragedy in the shape of thousands of Ukrainian refugees, mostly women and children, fleeing from a barbaric war in Europe. Britons now know what genuine refugees look like.

The weeping woman whose parents have been killed or left behind, whose children are traumatised and whose husband is serving in the Ukrainian armed forces and may be killed at any moment: that is a refugee. There are countless permutations on the accounts of cruelty, murder, loss of homes, starvation and terror of every kind. Yet these are, if it is not stretching irony too far to say so, the lucky ones. Back in Ukraine, in many isolated villages, elderly women or mothers with children go to bed in damp bunkers and pray to survive till the morning. The same occurs in city cellars.