It was all smiles in the end, but, Mon Dieu, they put us through the wringer first.

Season 8 of Spiral was every bit as special as it had to be, bringing to an end one of the finest police series ever made. And it’s French – a production of Canal + in association with BBC 4. Who would have thought it? Now it’s time they took a bow.

If you haven’t watched all ten episodes of the show (available now on BBC iPlayer, in French but with subtitles in English), you should stop reading now – unless, of course, you’re not interested in what happened to Laure, Gilou, Ali, Joséphine, Edelman, Beckriche and the rest. In that event, your only excuse is that once offered by Dr Johnson when asked why one of his dictionary definitions was less than entirely accurate: “ignorance, pure ignorance”.