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Sir Keir Starmer has promised to resign as leader of the Labour party if he receives a fixed-penalty notice for breaching coronavirus restrictions.

In a statement this afternoon that came after a long meeting with aides to decide his next move, Starmer insisted he was “absolutely clear” no rules were broken, but that he believed in “honour and integrity.”

The Labour leader accused his opponents of “feeding cynicism to believe all politicians are the same”, but said he would “do the right thing and stand down” if he is fined by Durham Constabulary over claims he broke lockdown rules by having a beer and takeaway in Durham last year.

“The public are entitled to expect politicians to follow the same rules as everyone else”, Starmer said. “They deserve politicians who hold themselves to the highest standards… I believe if you make a rule, you respect a rule.”

Starmer’s position has become more precarious after a leaked memo revealed that he and his team had planned the takeaway curry in advance, contrary to what the Labour leader had previously claimed. 

Starmer has called for Boris Johnson and Chancellor Rishi Sunak to quit after the two were fined by the Metropolitan Police over breaking lockdown rules. 

Pleading his innocence, Starmer said he has been forced to self-isolate six times and that he “simply had something to eat” in Mary Foy’s constituency office where his team was meeting. “I am absolutely clear no rules were broken.”