The academic tribe’s hatred of Brexit and Trump is motivated by fear

BY Philip Patrick   /  16 July 2019

Imagine what it must feel like for an ornithologist to finally, after years of searching, spot an ultra rare bird, such as a Wood Warbler or a Goshawk, in the wild; or for a lepidopterist, who’d long given up hope of such an encounter, to suddenly chance upon a Large Blue – Britain’s rarest butterfly.

It must be wonderful.

Well, now I think I may know what that feels like. For last week I met a fellow academic, who is not only a Brexiteer, but also – wait for it – a Trump supporter.

I had doubted the existence of such a specimen.

The fellow in question is rational, reasonable, very well informed, and a thoroughly pleasant individual, with rather courtly manners and an engaging sympathetic disposition.


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