The war in Ukraine has had just one positive effect: it has concentrated minds on the urgent need to construct a cohesive and effective defence of Europe, including the United Kingdom. Here at Reaction, we have regularly expressed concern about budgetary neglect of defence resources and the foot-dragging by some European NATO partners in committing a realistic percentage of GDP to their armed forces.

Now, we are trying to make a useful contribution to the debate by co-hosting with King’s College London, acknowledged as a leading forum of strategic defence thinking, a conference to be held at Bush House in London, on 9 May. Entitled “The Defence of Europe”, it is being jointly organised by Lord Salisbury, Chairman of Reaction, and Iain Martin, Editor, in collaboration with Professor Wyn Bowen, Head of the School of Security Studies at King’s, and Professor John Gearson, Director of the Centre for Defence Studies, King’s.