The Fast Show is timeless comedy gold

BY Iain Dale | tweet IainDale   /  4 September 2020

The Fast Show: More Blooming Catchphrases, GoldLast Saturday, my partner and I celebrated 25 years together. What better way to spend the evening than to watch a two hour Fast Show documentary and retrospective? Who said romance is dead?

It seems incredible that it’s 26 years since the first episode aired in 1994, full of sketches, some of which were only ten seconds long, and others which would last for three minutes. It was an instant hit. The comedy sketch show has died a death in recent years, but watching this look back over the Fast Show’s success, it’s difficult to fathom why. It was genuinely laugh out loud funny, mainly because the characters, largely created by Paul Whitehouse and Charlie Higson, were so relatable and memorable.

It is often the case that retrospectives are cringe-makingly awful, full of trite self congratulation and unable to shed any new light. This was different, largely because of the innovative format. They brought all the old characters to life (minus those played by the sadly deceased Caroline ‘Scorchio’ Aherne) and they became the gobs on sticks who analysed their own characters. It worked brilliantly. Which was nice.


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