I confess that, until yesterday afternoon, I thought I knew where I stood on the subject. Didn’t like to drink them. Wouldn’t think of throwing one. And then Nigel Farage got dosed with lactose… Just how should I feel about that?

Well, I soon learned that the offending item was a banana and salted caramel milkshake that cost £5.25 at Five Guys. The only bit which made any sense to me was the word “banana”. Meanwhile, social media was waking up to Farage’s humiliation. Many celebrated the news. Others, including myself, lamented that this was the stuff of banana (and salted caramel) republics. We debated the issue long into our coffee breaks. Was I wrong to be appalled? Was it really “just a milkshake”?

Milkshakes seem so innocent. They’re the stuff of childhood and holidays.