Forget eco-anxiety: the Green Party is suffering from a long-case of COVID-anxiety. Now edging up to be the country’s third biggest party, which is holding its autumn conference at the Eastside Rooms in Birmingham, the Greens are hoping to get their message across in the run-up to COP26.

However, the backdrop of rising coronavirus cases is making members slightly on-edge. Despite bolstering its membership to 53,000, there were plenty of empty seats on show during the Co-leader’s keynote address.

While most of the British population have rejected mask-wearing since Freedom Day, compliance has not tailed away among the Green faithful. 

Former Co-leader and London Mayoral candidate Siân Berry told The Hound that during her introductory welcome, 90 per cent of people had one on. Co-leader Carla Denyer even lambasted the government for not enforcing masks hard enough. At least the Greens have stood by their word during their conference. Labour MPs, who have been lecturing the government on Tory MPs not wearing masks in the Commons, could learn a lesson or two from the Greens. Hypocritical to the last, Labour MPs and delegates at their party conference were noticeably unmasked.