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The Mooch’s defection could hurt Trump come 2020

BY David Waywell | tweet @DavidWaywell   /  21 August 2019

It’s Wednesday and already this week the President of the United States has cancelled a meeting with the Danish Prime Minister because of her refusal to sell him Greenland. He has also accused American Jews of “disloyalty” if they vote for Democrats, thereby equating Jewishness to the nation of Israel, which, of course, is very much the antisemitic trope in vogue at the moment. Meanwhile, under pressure from the NRA, Trump has decided not to support universal background checks for gun owners, repeating a pattern of capitulation that is now so established it would be laughable if it weren’t for the many tens of thousands killed by guns under this administration. And if that weren’t enough to chew on, he’s now grumbling about the word “recession”, suggesting that analysis of the US economy is nothing more than media spin meant to make him look bad.

Under Obama, Bush, or Clinton, these would be stories worthy of debate.


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