With Joe Biden recovering from Covid, it’s worth reflecting on the health of the last president in his current exile. Although there is only a three-year age gap between the two, the contrast is stark. On the one hand, a zombified Biden creaks on, seeming more muddled by the day; on the other, well, whatever else Trump might be, he is certainly energetic.

His ever-present joie-de-vivre and seemingly boundless resources of youthful energy cannot be attributed to his toupee and, shall we say, sun-kissed complexion alone. So, what’s Trump’s secret? Presumably not a healthy diet. During his presidency it was noted that despite having five on-call chefs, Trump stuck to an all-American diet of potato chips, McDonalds burgers, Doritos, bacon, KFC buckets and of course Diet Coke with his infamous Diet Coke button in the Oval Office (now apparently removed).  

Perhaps it’s the talk of the Republican primaries. Although senior Republicans, such as Dan Crenshaw and John Thune, are encouraging their party members to throw their cowboy/MAGA hats into the ring, Trump currently enjoys more support from the party than any potential challenger.

Even so, if it were possible for Trump to look any worse following the January 6th insurrections, he does. Early on Friday, the January 6th Committee were treated to the outtakes of Trump’s speech asking rioters to go home and leave the Capitol. It involved him completely refusing to admit his electoral defeat then noting that he finds it challenging to say the word “yesterday” (“Yesterday is a hard word for me! […] Take the word out”).

Perhaps even maturity in excess is preferable to a never-ending adolescence…