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The Prime Minister made a speech to his party’s activists at the Tory party’s spring conference in Blackpool on Saturday. He has faced considerable criticism for his decision to link, in his remarks, Brexit and the struggle of the Ukrainian people to defend their freedom against President Putin’s barbaric assault. It was one remark in a long speech. Nonetheless, it was condemned as crass, unwise and diplomatically damaging at a time when the emphasis should be on unity and avoiding misunderstanding between allies. Here’s what I think he would have been better saying instead:

My friends, it is terrific to see so many of you here on this beautiful Blackpool morning.

I thank you for your hard work and commitment to your party ahead of the  elections this Spring. These elections will be tough. They usually are when a government is mid-term and half way through its programme. And when grave global events combine to make life tougher for millions of our poorest fellow citizens.