As Truss’ government descends further into chaos, it is hardly surprising that Britain has become the source of derision across much of the world’s media.

Even in the far reaches of the globe, newspapers articles have been voicing what is on everybody’s lips here in the UK: time is up for Liz Truss.

Colombian newspaper El Colombiano bestows Truss a new title, making her “Truss the brief”. 

The Australian also fired shots at Truss, running the headline: “‘Sorry for this shambles but I won’t quit’,” whilst The Washington Post says Monday was “another disastrous day for Truss.”

Across the Channel, French Newspaper Le Monde points out that while Truss may still be the PM, “she has clearly lost this round”.

The winner when it comes to foreign news coverage of Truss’s questionable first few weeks as PM, however, comes from Italy.

No stranger to short lived governments (having had seven different PMs since 2010) Italian newspaper Corriere Della Sera opted for the self-deprecating headline “Panic in London: ‘We have become the new Italy’.”

The Hound hopes (perhaps in vain) that we haven’t.

Considering she has only been PM for 42 days, Truss still has some way to go if she is to avoid replacing George Canning as the shortest serving British PM. Canning held office for just 119 days. Of course, it was his death, rather than his incompetence, that cut his spell short.