Over 100 heads of state from around the world attended Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral at Westminster Abbey earlier today  – a service estimated to have been the single most-watched television event of all time.

Along with the Royal Family, more than 2,000 guests gathered at the abbey for the state funeral which is thought to have been viewed by 4.1 billion individuals from afar. More than 3,000 military personnel took part in what was one of the most astonishingly beautiful and precise choreographed spectacles ever witnessed. Around 10,000 police officers were drafted from around the country to line the funeral parade and guard the crowds who came in their tens of thousands to gather around the abbey and along the procession route.

The funeral saw the Queen’s coffin, draped in the royal standard and topped with the Imperial State Crown, orb and sceptre and flowers, carried on a gun carriage pulled by sailors of the Royal Navy, in a procession that took the coffin from Westminster Hall in the Houses of Parliament to the abbey a short distance away.