Right, you have either wasted your evening on the Theresa May v Jeremy Corbyn debate this evening. Or you missed it, and don’t want your time wasted now with me wittering on about it. So here is a rapid review before I go and pour myself a small drink in an effort to forget. Five quick points… Go!

1. Corbyn was much better than anticipated and his performance showed that he has mastered these formats through the Labour leadership contests. He almost got away with it, wooing the audience and disarming Paxman in the interview section. And then… disaster for beardie, pro-IRA, leftie trainee Prime Minister. Paxman asked him about opposing the campaign to retake the Falklands and drone strikes to take out Islamist murdering bastards, and the mask slipped.

2. Theresa May recovered her confidence, which has looked low in the last ten days of campaigning.  It could not be described as an exciting performance, but she was assured. With Paxman she started badly and then – from a pro-Brexit voting point of view – she stormed it.

3. The audience was mostly  terrific. Crisp questions delivered well. They are balanced and available for weddings, christenings and future editions of BBC Question Time…

4. Brexit means Brexit. And we will make a success of it, or not. Two party politics is reasserting itself in this election post-EU referendum and anything up to 80% of voters will vote for parties that accept the referendum and are pledged to get on with it. Ultra-Remainers? Wake up and smell the coffee. You’ve had your chips. Your tea is oot, as we say in Scotland.

5. Who is Tim Farron? Whatever happened to Nicola Sturgeon?