There is nothing more dangerous and self-defeating in politics, as in every other area of life, than the inability to discern the true significance of events, viewing them instead through a prism of self-interest, groupthink and partisanship. That is the problem currently blinding all those in the Westminster bubble.

Take, as an example, the elusive 48 letters required to challenge Theresa May’s leadership of the Conservative Party. In the groupthink of politicians and commentators the failure of the ERG to amass the minimum number of letters is cause for mockery, to claim that the ERG members have made themselves a laughing stock and to regard this stalemate as a victory for Theresa May. All of that is true, so far as it goes, but it is only a minor aspect of the situation: it is the view inside the bubble, not the view of the country.

In the real world outside Westminster this crisis is viewed differently.