The Conservatives would win fewer than 100 seats if there were a general election now, according to damning new data from Electoral Calculus.  

In the worst-case scenario for the party, the pollster indicates that they could win just 21 seats, and a predicted maximum as low as 204. 

According to the prediction, based on opinion polls from between 24 and 28 October, Labour could win a majority of 346 in the Commons, dwarfing Tony Blair‘s 1997 landslide majority of 179 seats. 

The polls conducted by Electoral Calculus sampled 12,487 people and predicted with 98 per cent probability that Labour would win a majority. 

Even with Rishi Sunak recently taking the reins of the party, the Tory rating in the polls is only up by one per cent, and still 25 per cent below Labour. It would seem as if the only way is up. 

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