Tory leadership contest

Being Tory leader is like being emperor in the last days of Rome

BY Allan Massie   /  2 June 2019

Well, to quote Mrs May after she had lost her Commons majority two years ago, “nothing has changed”. We thought she was talking nonsense, but really she wasn’t. Nothing had changed materially. That’s still true today, even after the interesting EU elections. Indeed Jeremy Corbyn, with uncharacteristic acumen, remarked last week on the unchanged reality: he told us that the country is divided. He may even have said “deeply divided”. Well spotted, Jeremy!

So it is. The division was revealed in the 2016 Referendum when 52% of those who voted  said “yes” to Brexit and 48% said “no”. The figures may since have shifted a point or two, but essentially nothing has changed. Half want out, half want in.

There was no new question in last month’s European election, except perhaps which of the parties of government would be given the harder kicking. Answer: the Conservatives, but only just.


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