Sellafield’s Toxic Culture, BBC News Channel & iPlayer

This film is only eleven minutes long, but it tells a very worrying story. Sellafield ought to be the safest place in the country; it needs to be given what happens on its premises. It ought to be a working environment where people not only feel safe from the toxic materials stored there, but also able to work with colleagues in an atmosphere of mutual respect. This film demonstrates that is far from the case, with multiple incidents of racism, misogyny, homophobia and workplace bullying rife. And it all leads one to wonder, well if they haven’t got that sort of thing under control, how can we be confident they are looking after the nuclear waste properly?

The evidence provided in this film demonstrates that Sellafield’s management is deficient, at least in its HR policies. The BBC was leaked letters and interviewed a dozen members of staff with justifiable complaints about Sellafield’s approach to it s staff. Some of the details were horrific, especially the tolerance of racial slurs. A human resources consultant, hired in 2017, detailed many of the complaints. She described Sellafield as a “ticking time bomb because of the cultural issues and no one seems to be holding them to account.” Her contract was terminated days after she submitted a report critical of the Sellafield HR department. She’s now taking them to court alleging that she was let go for whistleblowing. Sellafield is contesting the case.