Oh dear, the Tories look as though they have a colourful fight on their hands even before they have started conference. The “anti-trans” LGB Alliance, barred from attending Labour conference in Brighton, has paid over £6,000 for a stall at the Manchester Central exhibition hall. 

What is more, the LGB Alliance will most likely be stationed right beside the LGBT+ Conservatives – which campaigns for transgender rights. The group’s chair has not taken the news lightly and claims she has been pummelled with abuse and death threats from trolls on Twitter.


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Transgenderism is a touchy issue inside the Conservative Party. Ministers like Liz Truss and Sajid Javid have gone on the offensive in the war on wokery.

The issue is even more complicated because of the situation in Number 10. Boris Johnson is said to be in two-minds on the issue having scrapped plans to make changing gender easier, whilst also making cameos at trans-inclusive events.

Carrie, his wife, appears to be playing the role of Antoinette to the PM’s throne. It is said that she stopped her then-fiancé from ditching reforms making it easier for people to legally change their name. She will also be a guest at the Annual Pride Reception next week, in partnership with Stonewall – a rather odd collaboration, given the major exodus from Whitehall departments severing ties with the charity.

Once again, Manchester looks to be another conference dominated by infighting rather than reaching out to voters.