Once every generation there is a defining political romance which spans the Atlantic. In the Eighties it was the ideological partnership of Reagan and Thatcher, but we have a transatlantic double-team fit for the age of populism – the establishment bashing, double-breasted blazer donning duo of US President Donald Trump and Great Britain’s Nigel Farage.

Tonight, from 6pm on LBC Radio, Nigel hosted his friend and fellow terror of the elites, President Trump for a conversation about (you guessed it) Brexit, among other things. Whatever else the conversation was, it was a real coup not only for Farage, but also for LBC.

The conversation had a clubhouse kind of feel to it. If the sound of the phone line didn’t give away that Trump was calling from thousands of miles away, the tone of the chit chat might have fooled you that they were two pals catching up at the golf club boozer, one called “The Nineteenth Hole” or the “Ol’ Swingers’ Inn”.