You have to hand it to former president Trump, he knows how to go for the jugular. Windmills are his latest.

Snippets of Farage’s conversation with Trump – airing on GB news tonight at 7pm – have been posted online to build up the hype. In one clip, the 75-year-old brands wind power as “ridiculous” and says that his long-time “friend” Boris Johnson – who has “gone a little bit on the more liberal side” – is making a “big mistake” by backing turbine farms to drive Britain’s push towards net zero. He also goes after Duchess of Deceit Meghan Markle, accusing her of “disrespecting” the Queen (“a great woman”) and using Prince Harry “horribly”.

It is the first time the former United States president has spoken to a British broadcaster since the Capitol riots last January. He will no doubt wish to brood over his impeachment for allegedly inciting the storming of Capitol Hill and his subsequent acquittal in the Senate.

But perhaps the biggest question of all: will he finally announce his candidacy for 2024?