The polls are looking  good for Liz Truss ahead of this evening’s BBC television debate. 

A YouGov poll of Tory members shows a 24-point lead for the foreign secretary. And she beat Sunak in a run-off survey question on the Conservative Home website too. A number of the bookies have her as the favourite.     

Expect the economy to feature heavily in tonight’s debate with tax cuts top of the agenda. Truss is in favour of immediate tax cuts, whilst Sunak’s approach is a more cautious one, driven by a desire to tame what has been dubbed  “the beast of inflation.” 

Sophie Raworth, the presenter, will quiz the candidates on these alternative interpretations of Thatcherism, and why they both pose as the heir to The Iron Lady. 

Meanwhile, neither side is pulling punches in their personal attacks. 

Expect more too from Sunak attacking Truss for once being a Liberal Democrat and also a remain-voter in the EU referendum while there is more than a whiff of anti-elitism surrounding the ongoing attacks on Sunak from Truss’s side; there’s much focus on his family’s gigantic wealth. Only this morning, Nadine Dorries tweeted about how Truss, who she supports, wears “earrings which cost circa £4.50”, whilst Sunak in comparison sports “shoes worth £450” and a “£3,500 bespoke suit.”