Senior Liz Truss adviser Jason Stein has been suspended, pending an investigation by the Propriety and Ethics Team at Westminster.

The suspension is a response to allegations that Stein was behind the unauthorised negative briefings to newspapers on former cabinet ministers.

The Sunday Times reported over the weekend that Truss had not chosen Sajid Javid as the next chancellor because she thought he was “shit”.

According to ITV’s Robert Peston, Javid planned to ask a question about Stein at PMQs today, unless Stein was suspended and investigated.

A spokesman or the PM said: “The prime minister has made it very clear that some of the briefings are completely unacceptable and must stop.”

Stein, who previously worked as the communications adviser to Prince Andrew, as well as an aide during Truss’ leadership campaign, was acting as Number 10’s head of communications.