Netflix’s steam train of quality “content” shows no sign of stopping after the glut of acclaim heaped on its new upload, Alfonso Cuarón’s Roma.

In what reads like a career U-turn, the Gravity director has traded in the box office draw of global superstars George Clooney and Sandra Bullock for a cast of little-knowners (even first-timers in the case of its lead) in a movie that would surely pass the Bechdal Test for Guaranteed Obscurity and Low Box Office Receipts – No Plot – Check! Black and White – Check! Subtitles – Check! were it not for the streaming giant’s pervasive efforts to rubberstamp Roma with instant classic status and fast-track its destiny to Oscars glory with a Foreign Language nom. (It will compete with fellow monochrome fare Cold War for a shortlist spot next month.) The question, however, remains: is it worth the puff?