Anthony Luzatto Gardner is being tipped in Washington to become the next US Ambassador to the UK, a choice that would raise eyebrows in Number 10.

ALG, who lives in London, formerly served as ambassador to the European Union. As one diplomatic source put it: “He believes in the EU in a way that only someone who isn’t actually in it can.”

His European roots run deep. His mother, whose name he added to his own after her death, was an Italian who fled fascism in 1939. His wife, Alejandra, is a Spaniard. He has spent much of his life in Europe moving between jobs in US State Department programmes, European and EU administrations, and prestigious legal and financial institutions.

Along the way he has collected degrees from Harvard, Oxford, Columbia Law, and the London Business School.

Add all this to an already-chunky London address book and a close friendship with Biden’s incoming Secretary of State Antony Blinken, and ALG looks like the man to watch.

How worried should Boris be if the Europhile gets the job?

An article penned by ALG for the Brunswick Group in November assured readers that past disagreements between Democrats and the current UK government over Trump and Brexit will be “water under the bridge”.

Yet a casual perusal of his Twitter feed shows a good deal of Brexit-sceptic content including retweeted articles suggesting that, under Biden, Boris will have cause to regret his courting of Trump.

For the most dedicated of political anoraks, a sign that ALG is poised for the appointment would be the Tweets suddenly and mysteriously disappearing.