The numbers are frankly astonishing. Yesterday, Hawaii became the first state to beat its total voter turnout numbers in 2016 based on early voting alone. Already, 457,294 ballots equivalent to 104% of the turnout four years ago had been cast – and the number will continue to rise today.

In this, Hawaii leads but it is not unique. Today early voting saw Texas also exceeded its total 2016 turnout of 8,969,226 with over 9 million ballots cast. Montana is nearly there with 471,519 votes cast at latest count, 97.2% of 2016’s total. In Georgia the numbers are over 3,621,485 –87%. In North Carolina 4,083,968 – 86.1%. In Florida 7,822,033 – 83%. In Wisconsin 1,738,638 – 58.4%. Nationally some 83 million people have already voted, around 60% of 2016’s total turnout.