Has Varadkar overplayed his hand on Brexit?

BY Finn McRedmond   /  18 January 2019

Irish Taoiseach Leo Varadkar on Tuesday reemphasised that the border backstop remains a bottom line for Ireland in any Brexit deal. He said on Thursday that preparations for a no deal Brexit are no longer contingency plans, they are being implemented.

“A no-deal scenario would have a deeply negative impact on jobs, on the economy, particularly the traded and agri-food sectors, our farmers and fishermen, our rural economy, our businessmen and women all over the country,” he said.

But hold on. This shouldn’t be happening. The supposed success and popularity of the Irish government’s strategy rested on eliminating no deal and locking the UK into the backstop. If there is no deal, and the EU has to look at imposing a harder border, then was the Irish policy a failure? That prospect now looms as a possibility and there is concern in Ireland.


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