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Venezuelan crisis could help solve Trump’s border wall problem

BY David Waywell   /  28 January 2019

Normality in American politics is now reserved for those days that would have previously been described as “abnormal”. So, by that measure, Friday, last week, was the most ordinary of days…

After five weeks of shutdown, the federal government was finally reopened after President Trump appeared in the Rose Garden of the White House to declare a 21-day truce. The deal meant that workers would finally get paid, while Republican and Democrat lawmakers, plus that remarkable Jack-of-no-trades, Jared Kushner, would hold meetings to get through this impasse.

Yet, if that were not enough to keep the cable television networks busy, Friday also saw the arrest of Roger Stone, the long-time political operative considered the Dark Vader of the political dark arts. The FBI raid on his Florida home in the early hours was the most high-profile product of the Mueller investigation. It wasn’t long after news of the arrest broke that reports from the White House spoke about preparations in the Rose Garden. Were the two events linked? Was the White House about to wrestle Stone out of the headlines?


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