In this latest Reaction YouTube interview, Iain Martin spoke to Caroline Flint and John Mills about how the British economy can grow its way out of the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Mills, a well-known businessman, economist, and author, has recently launched a new Institute for Prosperity to help promote economic prosperity, growth, and equality across the United Kingdom. Flint, Labour MP for Doncaster between 1997-2019 and a former government minister, is the Chair of the Institute’s Advisory Board.

The Institute is a cross-party force that is pushing for the government to restructure and regenerate the economy by promoting manufacturing and redressing deep structural imbalances between the UK’s different regions. If this is done successfully, Flint and Mills say, then we will be able to promote growth and secure jobs to help lift Britain out of the coronavirus crisis while also rising to meet the challenges of Brexit and climate change.

For Flint, this is a mission that is very close to home: 

“I have a real personal connection to this…having represented a place like Doncaster for the last twenty odd years. In Doncaster and other parts of our country, in those post-industrial towns and communities, manufacturing offers another way in which those communities can find a new sense of purpose as part of the national economic endeavour”.

Mills says that now is the moment for the government to consider radical new ideas:

“I think we’re in a different situation now than we were two or three years ago when there was much more complacency. Now I think there is much more concern about what the long-term future is and more willingness to look at radical solutions to try and find a different way of running the economy more successfully.”

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