Maggie Pagano's Letter

WeWork – one of the great corporate disaster morality tales

BY Maggie Pagano | tweet maggiepagano   /  9 October 2019

The first time I came across WeWork was four years ago when visiting its shiny new brutalist glass-box office at Moor Place, bang in the heart of the City near Moorgate tube.
As I wrote at the time: “If you are not 32 or under, you will feel a century old when you visit; Californian surfer boys and girls dressed like Alice from Wonderland staff the reception area and baristas serve iced cucumber water.”
“Instead of Country Life magazines, there are glossy books such as Sex and Pleasure in Japanese Art and adverts for lectures on how to be productive in an age of ‘digital distraction’.”
(Apparently WeWork also served free cold beer, offered meditation, pilates and cupping classes with Espresso Martinis with Volcano Coffee but I missed out on that.)


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