Trying to do business in the London borough of Islington is turning out to be a nightmare. 

Local architects are up in arms that emails they are sending to the Labour-dominated Islington Council are returned with a message saying they can only respond to enquiries from companies which are already registered with them.

One architect tells The Hound that he has been working on properties in the district for years and has been in regular contact with the Planning Division with regard to applications and site visits. However, his latest request came back with nonsense saying that only companies on the “allowed senders list” will receive a reply. 

What is this gobbledegook? Sounds like language straight out of Orwell’s 1984. This architectural practice has been in contact with the council over many years so the name is known to them.

Does the Labour dominated council (44 out of the 48 councillors are Labour) want any business or planning improvements in its territory? 

We don’t know because Islington Council’s press office has not bothered to reply to our email: no doubt because the Hound is not an allowed respondent? No wonder the chichi area where Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn and Emily Thornberry are MPs is known as the People’s Republic of Islington. Arch-Corbynite, Claudia Webbe, was a councillor as early as May.