Kay Burley at Breakfast, Sky News

I had intended to review Kay Burley’s breakfast show today, but events have scuppered me. Or rather, Kay herself has scuppered me. Her 60th birthday celebrations (60? Never!) have made some Cummings-esque headlines this week, resulting in her and two colleagues being taken off air for their transgressions. Guido Fawkes got the story, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Kay issued an ill-advised and badly worded apology on Twitter, which clearly left Sky News bosses a tad unimpressed. So unimpressed were they that the whipped her off air, and instead of presenting the Sky live coverage of the first vaccination, Kay spent the morning in bed.

On Thursday, they announced that she was going to off air for the next six months, with Beth Rigby, the Sky political editor and Inzamam Rashid also taking a three month off air break. All on full pay, natch.

Rashid is a lucky boy. He had travelled 200 miles from tier 2 to tier 3 to take part in the birthday celebrations. Given he has spent the last few weeks reporting on nothing else but how the people of Manchester are dealing with being in tier 3, how could he have been so stupid?