Why did Trump go unchallenged at the G7 this year?

BY David Waywell | tweet @DavidWaywell   /  27 August 2019

Another G7 passes and with it another chance to nudge the world in a different direction. Unlike other years, however, this summit wasn’t about big ideas or even bigger issues. This was all about the bloody enormous elephant in the room…

The G7’s primary goal appeared to be avoiding triggering the American President who arrived in Biarritz off the back of the wildest week of his rolling psychosis of a presidency. I wrote last week for Reaction, suggesting that it was pointless analysing Trump’s sudden urge to buy Greenland. Another outrage was certain to follow and so it proved. It took only a couple of hours before he’d proclaimed himself “King of Israel” and “The Chosen One”. Then came wild words (and tariffs) aimed at China. And if that wasn’t crazy enough for you, there was the little matter of nuking hurricanes which Trump denied. But Jonathan Swan, one of Axios’ go-to guys for White House gossip, doubled down, tweeting that he “stands by every word”. Either Trump is lying or has serious enemies in the White House. Neither speaks well about the Leader of the Free World.


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