At the G7 summit in Cornwall, Jill Biden is already the clear winner in the spouse fashion stakes. The wife of the US president wore a black and white printed dress with black jacket for her first European photo-shoot along the promenade with hubby Joe and Boris Johnson and wife Carrie.

On the back of the jacket was the word Love, which promised so much for this weekend’s love-fest between the leaders of the Western World.

Mrs Biden did it again on Friday.  With her sea-bleached blond tousled all-American girl look locks (that’s how the Daily Mail would describe her), she pulled out another jazzy number when she went to school with the Duchess of Cambridge. This time she donned  the brightest fuchsia jacket ever seen to mankind, a white dress and,  to match the outfit, a pair of on trend nude shoes. (That’s also how the Mail would have put it.)

Carrie Symonds has also been doing nicely, showcasing some young British designers with first a bright red outfit (matching shoes from Zara) for her first meeting with the US commander in chief and then another vivid pink dress today. Her fresh dress style is quite clever too, demonstrating how very young she is compared to the other halves.

As you would expect, Brigitte Macron, wife of the French president, arrived on British soil wearing her usual immaculate white Chanel coat – embroidered with pearls and silvery bits. Tight cigarette black pants and black high heels. So chic, so Parisienne.

But what is it about the fashion choices of German female politicians? Both Angela Merkel and Ursula Von der Leyen are wearing black slacks – again. One can see why they might opt for such pedestrian outfits: easy to choose in the morning, shows how seriously they take themselves although my lady doth protest comes to mind, and puts them on a more equal footing with the male politicians who are almost all beyond boring in their boring dark blue suits, often badly cut.

Sure, wearing trousers means you don’t have to worry about the Cornish wind blowing around your skirts. But why black? Black slacks make German female politicians look like waiters – if you are being generous like matadors – rather than leaders of two of Europe’s greatest powers, Germany and the German-run EU.

Why not cool summer beige slacks in the style of Diane Keaton, or navy pants or a matching trouser suit in a pale blue? Ditch the black slacks.