In the latest round of environmental virtue-signalling, Boris Johnson has decided to bring forward the date by which he wishes to see a significant reduction in carbon emissions. By 2035 he wants the U.K to cut emissions by 78% compared with 1990 levels. Although the plan applies to abstract collectivist entities such as business, aviation and households, individuals have also been encouraged to cut their own carbon emissions to achieve this goal.

Reaching this target would mean a drastic reduction in our consumption of meat and dairy. According to an Oxford University study – published in Climatic Change – carnivores contribute as much as two and a half times as many dietary greenhouse-gas emissions per day as vegans.

Should rhetoric become a reality, there’s the possibility that veganism will become an option for many people. So should you become vegan? As someone who was one for twelve years, I would like to present to you, dear reader, my own cautionary tale.