Why Taylor Swift’s Folklore is her best album yet

BY Francesca Peacock   /  1 August 2020

Folklore – Taylor Swift’s eighth studio album she released in a surprise move last Friday – is a triumph. Heart-breaking, story-telling, quiet – it’s everything Lover (2019) was not. Such an opinion is not novel or ground-breaking: the internet has been in a dizzy Swift-spin for a week now.

It’s easy to see what makes the album different – black and white replaces pastel colours, insistently lower-case song-titles replace the exuberance of “ME!”. And, rather than the anger of Reputation (2017), listeners are treated to lyrical narratives beyond the world of pop-culture in-fighting. This is not to say Lover, Reputation, or any of Swift’s earlier albums were bad, but simply that she has changed tack.


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