England are cruising happily in the World Cup, with two big (expected) victories and only one try conceded. There are stiffer tests to come of course, the first when they meet Argentina on Saturday, 5th October. But for the moment all is the plainest of plain sailing, though Piers Francis may be holding his breath after being cited for a shoulder tackle to an American head. There was a moment of anxiety when Owen Farrell was on the receiving end of an even worse tackle for which a red card was correctly given. Some, even among English supporters, who have reservations about Farrell’s own tackling technique will be muttering “now you know what it feels like to be on the receiving end”. Ireland too are happy, Wales fairly happy, Italy content, and Scotland deep in the dumps, their performance against Ireland being almost too bad to be true. Still they have time to make amends, though last Sunday’s sorry display won’t soon be forgotten, and will certainly have perked up their next opponents, Samoa, and Japan later.