For the past twenty-four hours, the world has been watching as the map of the United States turns red and blue. We are still watching. The fate of the election could lie in snowy Michigan or along the river banks of the Delaware as it runs through Pennsylvania, but the consequences of America’s choice will be felt across every part of the globe.Rarely has there been so stark a choice between two leaders, and two visions for the US’ place on the world stage. When the choice was between candidates like Mitt Romney and Barack Obama, the policy differences were mere details. But Donald Trump’s stance on the world stage has been genuinely unprecedented and erratic, and in many ways, often a success. By contrast, Joe Biden would be the US reverting to type – the very model of a modern American statesman. Although possibly not modern.

For the nations that have been singled out for closer diplomatic ties, from rogue states like North Korea to isolated allies like Israel, Trump’s Presidency has been a blessing from the heavens. The UK, arguably falling into both categories, has also felt the fresh breeze from the US President’s rotor blades as he has made two visits here which were hailed as a precursor to a “tremendous” post-Brexit trade deal.