On the day Labour surged to its largest poll lead in over two decades, a jubilant Keir Starmer took to the stage at his party’s annual conference in Liverpool, with a major policy announcement up his sleeve.

During his hour long speech, Starmer promised to launch a publicly-owned renewable energy company, “to cut energy bills and deliver energy independence for our country.” Named Great British Energy, it would be modelled on France’s EDF, and this massive expansion in clean energy would help deliver British jobs and achieve Labour’s aim of making the UK a carbon-free power by 2030, he claimed. The Prime Minister’s favourite think tank, the IEA, has denounced the proposal as big statism. Starmer calculates it’s back in fashion.

The Labour leader was keen to prove he is equally as committed as Truss to making Britain a “growth superpower”, but green policies would play a key role in doing just this, he said.